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Sam Penny, the Prudent RVer, writes articles for publication on this website and at various ezines on the Internet. The images for these articles must be kept separate to meet requirements of some of the ezines, so they have been collected on this page. You may copy these articles and their images to your ezine or publication provided you give attribution to .

Here are the images for our published articles with a short description for the various articles. These latest articles are listed first.

You Can Have Too Much Lighting In Your RV -- Many RV rigs have too much lighting, and it takes too much power. LEDs offer a means for reducing both power consumption and excessive lighting. An example with sixteen fluorescent fixtures proves how easy it can be.

Use ZL1 To Eliminate Those Little Hungry NightLights -- The electrical power used by those little footlights you leave on during the night adds up. You can see over a 1,000% improvement in operating costs with LEDs, and the comparative cost of replacement does not compute.

How Do LED Lights Work -- LEDs are the light source for the future of home and RV lighting. To chose the best LEDs, it helps to understand how light works so you can chose the LED fixture to best fit your needs.

Beware the LED Killers - Over-Heating & Over-Voltage -- People using RV LEDs must choose the highest quality products that provide adequate voltage protection and thermal protection for the LEDs. Otherwise, they will see a significant decrease in product lifetime and efficient use of electrical power.

3 Reasons to Use LEDs in Your Tent Trailer -- Power, heat, and control are 3 reasons for converting to LEDs in your tent trailer. A tent trailer without LED lighting can be a power hog at night. LEDs let you save power, eliminate heat, and give you control. Be a Prudent RVer and recommend that everyone use RV LED lighting in their tent trailer.

LEDs Make the Greatest RV Patio Lights -- Many RVers never get the full benefit from their patio lights because they are too dim. Replacing the incandescents and fluorescents in patio fixtures with RV LEDs makes the patio a useful and pleasant area, and the LEDs are a signal to the bugs to avoid the place. LEDs lose only 15% of the power to heat, the remaining 85% creates useful light.

LEDs Don't Make Good Space Heaters -- Some RVers turn on their lighting to heat their coach. Others turn on the A/C to cool their coach when the wife turns on the lights. Between 75% and 85% of the electrical power used by incandescent or halogen bulbs becomes the heat needed to create their light, and that heat radiates out from the bulbs. Fluorescents are only a little better at 50%. LEDs lose only 15% of the power to heat, making them poor space heaters.

Use LEDs to Live Off-grid on Solar Power -- People living off-grid use LEDs with their solar. Installed RV lighting uses over half of the total load on the batteries. With solar, excessive usage kills batteries. My online business needs 25Ahr to power the electronics. Before LEDs, 1600 lumens of lighting required 48Ahrs, for 73Ahr/day. 240w of solar provides only 45Ahr/day. LED lighting required only 11Ahr for 1600 lumens -- solar only has to replace 36Ahr. I use LEDs to stay off-grid.

LEDs Are The 21st Century Lighting -- Four reasons why LEDs will win out: efficient power, less heat, longer life, and it is the law.

Opportunities for LEDs in an RV -- An RV is a natural environment for LEDs. It operates on 12-volt direct current. It has simple wiring and lighting, and it is small.

21st Century LEDs - What Are They? -- What is the nature of this new light source?