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Press Release Opens LED Store Front

at Arizona Market Place, Yuma, AZ, provider of LEDs for RVs for five years on the Internet,
is now retailing at the Arizona Market Place in Yuma, AZ


YUMA, ARIZONA – November 25, 2010 -- Sam Penny, a.k.a. the Prudent RVer persona at, announced that Prudent RVer has established an LED retail outlet at the Arizona Market Place in Yuma, AZ. “We are in space B142 of the market, near the front of the B row. The popular market is located at 4th Avenue and 32nd Street in Yuma.

“Nancy Lesser-Adamo, the LED Lady, who has been selling our LEDs as a dealer at rallies and doing installations in the Northwest and southern California for the past two years, is the primary salesperson at the kiosk.”

Penny said, “We offer a wide variety of new LED bulb replacements for the 12-volt incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs found in RV trailers and motor coaches. This includes both plug-and-play replacements and the ZipLED configurable replacements. Our fLEDescent panels replace the tubes and ballasts in fluorescent fixtures. Our new DL series of LED Luminaires replace entire lighting fixtures in the RV.”

Penny tells how he entered the LED business. “In February, 2006, I met the principals from Neutek, USA, of Mesa, AZ, at Quartzsite. This company had the world's first original working prototype for a B15s bulb LED replacement, and while at the show we designed the first LED replacement for the wedge bulb on the spot -- the W9.RV3-H.

“I became a dealer for Neutek's LED lights, calling myself the Prudent RVer and establishing a commercial website to sell LEDs. In April I gave Neutek the specifications for a halogen bulb replacement in puck lights. This proactive LED lamp manufacturer provided a prototype of the G4.RV3-H by mid-month. It took more than eighteen months for the 'knockoffs' from the Far East to start appearing on the scene – and some still don't understand the problem.”

Penny continues, “The bulb replacements we sell on the Internet incorporate the knowledge we have gained over the last four years of how to build the best and most reliable 12-volt LED replacements for bulbs in the RV and boating industry, knowledge that is only just now becoming apparent to our competitors. That is why we fully expect the LEDs on our products to lose no more than 30% of their luminosity over their 100,000 hour lifetime.

“It feels good that The Prudent RVer is now selling at a retail outlet, a kiosk at the Arizona Market Place in Yuma. Visit us on B row of the market this winter and ask for some LED Light -- you will be pleased with what you receive receive."

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Sam Penny

phone: 512-632-4626

Penny is available for in-studio interviews or by phone.