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Discount Coupons for all LED Products, a provider of LEDs for
RVers and Boaters for more than four years, is now offering quantity discounts to purchasers of LED interior lighting


LIVINGSTON, TEXAS – August 22, 2010 – Sam Penny, a.k.a. the Prudent RVer persona at, announced a new policy of providing quantity discounts to all purchasers of LED lighting products. Penny said, “In the past, we provided discounts to special customers who purchased larger quantities of LEDs for their motorcoaches or boats. But with today's economy, I wanted to offer the same benefits to all who wanted to purchase LEDs from

It is becoming more and more important that everyone who can should make use of LEDs for their lighting to save on the cost of energy. It is the way of the future.”

Upon entering the website, if you click on the Coupons link in the left column you are taken to a page that tells you of the current Coupon Codes to use during checkout to obtain the discounts.

The first level discount is for free Priority Mail shipping. The second offers a 5% discount on the subtotal of your order. The third level is a 10% discount on the subtotal. offers a product line of replacements for incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs used in RVs and boats. “We are also beginning to expand our products to be more compatible with the domestic market and will have major announcements along that line in the coming months.”

Penny tells how he entered the LED business. “In February, 2006, I met Kelly Walterscheid from Neutek, USA, of Mesa, AZ, at Quartzsite. This company had the world's first original working prototype for a B15s bulb LED replacement, and while at the show he and I designed the first LED replacement for the wedge bulb on the spot -- the W9.RV3-H.

I became a dealer for Neutek's LED lights, and in April gave Neutek the specifications for a halogen bulb replacement in puck lights. This proactive LED lamp manufacturer provided a prototype of the G4.RV3-H by mid-month. It took more than eighteen months for the 'knockoffs' from the Far East to start appearing on the scene – and they still don't understand the problem.”

Penny continues, “Our bulb replacements incorporate the knowledge we have gained over the last four years of how to build the best and most reliable 12-volt LED replacements for bulbs in the RV and boating industry, knowledge that is only just now becoming apparent to our competitors. That is why we fully expect the LEDs on our products to lose no more than 30% of their lumenosity over their 100,000 hour lifetime.”

Penny concluded, “We believe this discount program will reach the majority of our customers and provide a benefit they can use. We still plan to work with special groups like RV clubs to provide even better discounts for larger orders. In addition, we work with retailers, contractors, and other dealers to provide quality product throughout the RV industry.” .

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Sam Penny

phone: 512-632-4626

Penny is available for in-studio interviews or by phone.