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Press Release Offers a BIG Difference with a Small Change, the LED G4.RV3N-Flex Halogen Bulb Replacement announces the G4.RV3N-Flex,

a flexible Halogen replacement for either horizontal or vertical fixtures

LIVINGSTON, TEXAS – Sam Penny, the Prudent RVer persona at, described the latest innovation for solving the problem of how to replace halogen bulbs with LEDs in RVs and Boats. Penny explained, “The manufacturers of RV motorhomes have installed a variety of fixtures using halogen bulbs with various orientations. Replacing these hot bulbs with cool LEDs continues to be a challenge.”

The correct solution is to use an LED replacement for the bulb that is flexible in its installation.'s 200-lumen G4.RV3N-Flex offers the means to replace in the existing fixture either the halogen bulb mounted in a horizontal orientation or one mounted vertically, spot-light style.

The basic problem has been one of how to connect the halogen replacement to the socket. The socket of most fixtures is locked in place, and you must fit to its orientation. You have no choice on which way the “bulb” will point; that is determined by the fixture.

With the G4.RV3N-Flex the connection to the socket is at the end of a 1.5 inch flexible wire, so it can fit into either a vertical or horizontal socket as required by the fixture. The small disk containing the LED chips can then be oriented to point in the desired direction, even laid directly on the glass or plastic lens cover without danger of heat.

Halogen fixtures in the high-end motorhomes range from 'puck lights' to 'vertical spot-lights' and contain 10-, 15-, or 20-watt halogen bulbs, offering 120- 210-, or 380-lumens, respectively. “These are the hottest and most dangerous bulbs used in RVs,” says Penny. “The temperature required for halogens to begin to function is 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit on the outside of the bulb, hot enough to inflict third degree burns to your fingers and to turn wood into charcoal.”

Most of the RVers already know of the dangers of halogen lighting, though some deny the problem. But most often a good solution to replacing the hot bulbs has escaped them. There simply was not a good solution offered by the industry for every variety of fixture. Now the G4.RV3N-Flex is available to replace either the 10 or 15 watt variety of halogen. “Solutions to replace the 20-watt halogen are on the way,” says Penny.

Penny tells how he entered the LED business. “In February, 2006, I met Kelly Walterscheid from Neutek, USA, of Mesa, AZ, at Quartzsite. This company had the world's first original working prototype for a B15s bulb LED replacement, and while at the show he and I designed the first LED replacement for the wedge bulb on the spot -- the W9.RV3-H.

“I became a dealer for Neutek's LED lights, and in April gave Neutek the first specifications for a halogen bulb replacement in puck lights. This proactive LED lamp manufacturer provided a prototype of the G4.RV3-H by mid-month. It took more than eighteen months for the 'knockoffs' from the Far East to start appearing on the scene – and they still don't understand the problem.”

It quickly became evident that one of the problems of putting LEDs into an RV was the wide variety of bulbs and fixtures found in the rigs. The requirements varied with the bulb base and the lighting requirements. The configurable G4.RV3N-Flex provides a significant advance of that required flexibility.

Pricing for the G4.RV3N-Flex is $26.00 retail. Quantity discounts are available.

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