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Press Release Announces
New RV LED and Boat LED Lamps to
Replace Halogen and Wedge Bulbs, a four-year provider of LED products for
RVers and Boaters, has new, improved replacements
for halogen and wedge bulbs for interior lighting

LIVINGSTON, TEXAS – July 20, 2010. Sam Penny, the Prudent RVer persona at, announced this week that four new, improved LED product are now available on the website: two to replace 12-volt halogen bulbs in “puck” fixtures and two to replace wedge-type bulbs in RV ceiling and sconce fixtures.

The new halogen bulb replacements are the G4.RV2N-H and the G4.RV3N-Flex. The new wedge bulb replacements are the W9.RV2N-H and the W9.RV3N-H. Digital pictures are available at the links provided.

Penny says, “These bulb replacements incorporate the knowledge we have gained over the last four years of how to build the best and most reliable 12-volt LED replacements for bulbs in the RV and boating industry, knowledge that is only just now becoming apparent to our competitors.”

Penny adds, “In February, 2006, I met Kelly Walterscheid from Neutek USA of Mesa at Quartzsite. This company had the world's first original working prototype for a B15s bulb LED replacement, and while at the show he and I designed the first LED replacement for the wedge bulb on the spot -- the W9.RV3-H.

“I became a dealer for Neutek's LED lights, and in April gave Neutek the specifications for a halogen bulb replacement in puck lights. This proactive LED lamp manufacturer provided a prototype of the G4.RV3-H by mid-month. It took more than eighteen months for the 'knockoffs' from the Far East to start appearing on the scene – and they still don't understand the problem.”

The original white LEDs used in 12-volt environments had a stark, blue hue. They were high-heat single-emitter chips and used a plastic cap to focus the light into a narrow beam – a feature great for flashlights but bad for general lighting. Neutek led the industry in adopting flat, wide-angle, natural hue warmer phosphers and always used multiple emitters in each LED element to obtain more light at lower temperatures. They also incorporated into every product several voltage and power control circuits needed to protect LEDs from the harsh electrical and thermal environment found in RVs and boats.

A key element in all four products is the use of a power regulation circuit that allows the lamp to be used in a 10 to 30 volt environment without damage or sacrificing brightness of the LEDs. The innovative regulation circuit also allows the use of the products in a low-voltage 60Hz AC circuit.

The G4 and W9 product line all utilize an evenly spread-out multiple LED emitter configuration that dramatically reduces heat and offers an industry leading high quality warm white light of 3500K color temperature (CCT) and near 90 color rendering index (CRI).

The G4.RV2N-H and W9.RV2N-H use eighteen LED emitters on a 23mm-disc platform that use 1.75 watts of power provide 120 lumens of light output.
The G4.RV3N-Flex and W9.RV3N-H use thirty LED emitters on a 30mm-disc platform and use 2.85 watts to provide 200 lumens of light output.

The G4.RV3N-Flex is unique in its class in that it's universal flex connector allows wide use  in many horizontal or vertical G4 fixture designs.

Pricing for the 2N series is $20 retail; for the 3N series it is $26 retail. 


Sam Penny
phone: 512-632-4626

Penny is available for in-studio interviews or by phone.

Links for details and digital images:

G4.RV2N-H –

G4.RV3N-Flex –

W9.RV2N-H –

W9.RV3N-H –