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Always be far-sighted, thrifty, wise, frugal, vigilant, & wary

The Prudent RVer persona'
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Hello, I am Sam Penny, the Prudent RVer. 
Sam Penny writing in his RV 
     (an earlier, more civilized pic)
I am a 
futurist and writer touring the USA full-time with my wife in our Portable Home (PH), also know as an RV. In our case, this is a fifth-wheel trailer.

We have spent a good part of the past 40 years traveling, oftentimes boondocking on the deserts and seashores and in the forests and mountains of our great country. We practice living prudently and keeping our carbon footprint small.

Our mission is to be far-sighted in our search for the key elements of a lifestyle that is thrifty, wise, and frugal. We are vigilant to real opportunities and wary of choices and habits that threaten our existence, and the existence of the rest of humanity. We wish to share this knowledge.

This website is intended for use by the many Full-Time RVers who have adopted the habits of prudence while traveling throughout our country.

Definition: I consider someone to be a Full-Time RVer if they live and travel in a non-rooted dwelling (recreational vehicle such as motorhome, trailer, or boat) more than three months during a year.

This website also serves Part-Timer RVers and rooted homebodies who care about prudent survival, some out of necessity, others out of the joy of learning to live with a "small carbon footprint".

We are building a library of information for living off-grid, power conservation, sustainable living, and survival -- with special information for those concerned about the near future effects of  Climate Change & Peak Oil.

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or contact us directly and let us know if you have any problems or suggestions for prudent choices.

And remember,  you are "green" when you use LEDs to replace interior light bulbs, incandescents, and fluorescents in RV and Boat lighting fixtures. Save 80% power, reduce heat, and live safer with LEDs.

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